Yoga Maven Leanna Decker Stuns In Checkered Bikini While Holding An Advanced Headstand Pose


Yoga model Leanna Decker showed off her incredible form in a stunning snap. Clad in a checkered bikini, she showed off a variation of a headstand pose that had her fans racing to view the post.

The fitness recently took to Instagram to wish her followers a happy labor day. In her caption, she included hashtags that prompted her fans to stay safe and healthy and to practice every day.

Leanna wore a black-and-white two-piece swimsuit that left very little the imagination. The bikini put her curvaceous body on center stage while she displayed incredible strength by doing the advanced move. Leanna’s bronzed arms, concave abs, and minuscule waist were in tip-top shape. Her skimpy thong also showed off her luscious booty and curvy hips.

The social media star’s signature red hair appeared to be damp and lay puddled in the sand around her face. Save for the mushrooms and butterflies tattoo on her right ankle, she didn’t appear to be wearing any other accessories.

Those who follow the yoga maven, know that she moved to Puerto Rico about a year ago. This particular image shows her enjoying outdoor life. In the background, the blue-green sea appeared calm and tranquil. As the water came onto the shore, it frothed and foamed before reaching the sand. The nearly cloudless day was bright and sunny as the rays of sunlight bounced off her flawless figure.

Leanna posed by cradling her head on the golden sand. Using her elbows for support, she lifted her legs heavenward. She placed her legs at right angles to her torso, as if riding a bicycle, and pointed her toes to elongate the line of her legs.

The 29-year-old sparked a frenzy among her 733,000 admirers. Many of them engaged with her by liking the pic or voicing their opinions in the comments section. This specific snap has already garnered more than 10,000 likes.

A devotee was delighted by her latest offering.

“So many amazing beach yoga poses. Happy days indeed,” they enthused.

A second person cracked a joke and teased Leanna about her pose.

“What a complicated way to find out where the wind comes from,” they said.

Another offered Leanna some advice about the camera’s position.

“You should hold this pose, but have the camera up close in front of you instead,” they mused.

A fourth Instagrammer waxed lyrical about Leanna’s social media page and voiced their appreciation.

“This world is ugly, but your Instagram makes me smile and dream. Thank you so much for your work,” they gushed and followed the comment with a smiley emoji.

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