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Even before the world went sideways with the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFC, in a lot of ways, was functioning better than boxing. However, how Dana White handled the situation since May has made us wonder if we need a Dana White in the world of boxing as well.

The sport of boxing is almost two centuries old. Throughout this duration, the sweet science has changed and evolved a lot. Despite going through all these years of evolution, the current state of boxing needs a shake-up. It goes without saying that the UFC President can be the change that boxing desperately needs to reinvent itself.

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Boxing can gain a lot from someone who loves boxing as much as Dana White loves MMA

When the coronavirus pandemic was in its full swing, most of the other leagues had resorted to the technique of riding out the storm. However, it was White’s persistence of bringing live shows back at the earliest that resulted in UFC being the first one to get back. This goes a long way of reflecting the fact that Dana White is a fan of the sport first and a promoter later.

The promos of the UFC often don’t stop at just promoting the promotion or the fighters. They also promote the sport of mixed martial arts. One can argue that MMA needs this particular approach since it is a relatively new sport. However, boxing can use the same strategy to lure in young fans, the fraction of which has been steadily decreasing.

However, Dana’s passion never comes in the way of his decision-making ability. At the end of the day, he has a penchant for selling fights. Him giving a brief background, on social media, of fights even from the undercard is a testimonial of the kind of promoter that he is. The sport of boxing could surely gain from his passion.

Dana would go to huge lengths to give the boxing fans the fights that they want

One of the biggest issues with boxing today is that the top-ranked fighters reach their spot by defeating opponents who were massive underdogs. Good fighters often indulge in padding up their records in order to have the minimum number of losses or even stay undefeated.

As a result of this, when the biggest names collide with each other, they are sometimes out of their primes, for instance, Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

On the other hand, White doesn’t mind pitting two highly touted prospects against each other, not caring about their records. He is all about giving the fans the fight that they want. If someone like Dana is present in boxing, he’ll make sure that the fights are not too lop-sided.

However, we shouldn’t forget that Dana White is currently running his own ship unaffected by other promotions. Once he crosses over to boxing, the game will change on its head as there are a number of governing bodies and promoters who are almost on an equal level. Eventually, everyone looks out for their own interests and this makes coming on the same page really difficult.

Regardless, Dana White has proven himself to be a leader who is capable of assessing situations and adapting accordingly. This quality of his makes him a very capable leader who can bring a change for better in the sport of boxing if he ever decides to enter the same.

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