Vijayawada: AKFI recognises Andhra Kabaddi Association


Vijayawada: Setting at rest the controversy over the Kabaddi Association, the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) has announced that Andhra Kabaddi Association headed by MLC KE Prabhakar and V Viralankaiah is the only recognised association for the Kabaddi players.

President of the Andhra Kabaddi Association KE Prabhakar who is also member of legislative council (MLC) addressing newsmen here on Monday said that the AP High Court instructed the administrator of the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India to find out the truth behind the claims of the kabaddi association headed by Venkata Reddy and Srikanth who secured ad hoc recognition from the Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP).

However, after going through record and the affidavits filed by both the parties, the administrator found out that the association headed by Srikanth and Venkata Reddy had no recognition. The administrator issued orders on October 9 that Andhra Kabaddi Association headed by KE Prabhakar and Viralankaiah is the only the recognised body.

Prabhakar recalled that Srikanth hurled allegations against their association and misled the sportspersons.

The AKFI has also stated that they would not give permission for any association except Andhra Kabaddi Association to conduct tournaments.

He exhorted the kabaddi players not to be swayed by the offerings of these bogus persons.

Andhra Kabaddi Association honorary secretary V Viralankaiah and Ch Venkateswara Rao were also present.

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