Vector X Armour Football Shoes


Price: ₹ 387.00
(as of Feb 24,2021 22:21:22 UTC – Details)

Vector X Armour Football Shoes, UK 3 (Blue)
Vector X is one of the established sports brands who provide stylish and innovative sports gear to most of the aspiring sport players as well as others. As a brand they have produced thousands of spectacular gear which have been used by numerous renowned.

Vector X Fizer Soccer Socks (Pack of 2 Pairs) (Black)
Vector X Is One Of The Established Sports Brands Who Provide Stylish And Innovative Sports Gear To Most Of The Aspiring Sport Players As Well As Others. As A Brand They Have Produced Thousands Of Spectacular Gear Which Have Been Used By Numerous Renowned Sports personalities.

Product 1: 14 plastic studs
Product 1: In-Box Contents:1 Pair of Shoes
Product 2: Cushioning provides comfort and protection
Product 2: Made from skin friendly materials
Product 2: Stretchable material for comfortable fit
Product 2: Soft feel


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