VASER Hi-Definition Arm Liposuction Can Save You Years At The Gym


Award-winning and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. J.Timothy Katzen is proud to offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic procedures to women and men at his esteemed facilities in Beverly Hills, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. Having been featured on a number of television programs, such as TLC’s The Real Skinny and Discovery Health’s The Incredible Shrinking Woman, he has gained recognition for his advanced after weight loss surgery techniques. The most notable of these techniques is his trademark 360 circumferential body lift, which he has performed for numerous patients to help them fully realize their post-weight loss body goals. In addition to weight loss procedures, Dr. Katzen specializes in silicone injection removal, thigh and arm reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, Vaser High Definition Liposuction, and facelifts. Haute Beauty sits down with Dr. Katzen to discuss VASER hi-definition arm liposuction and why it is comparatively worth it.

Photo Credit: Dr. Timothy KatzenHB: What is VASER hi-definition arm liposuction?

VASER hi-definition arm liposuction is a highly selective form of liposuction that targets the arm to produce outstanding, prominent muscular arms. During VASER hi-definition arm liposuction, arm fat is permanently removed, and upper arm muscles are carefully sculpted to reveal underlying arm musculature. Under normal circumstances, muscular arms may have taken years in the gym to create. During this relatively quick outpatient plastic surgery procedure, men and women can achieve muscular upper arms.

HB: How does VASER hi-definition arm liposuction work?

VASER liposuction is a highly specialized form of liposuction. VASER is an acronym. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The VASER works by using ultrasonic energy to create sound waves. These sound waves cause two things to occur. First, these VASER generated sound waves shatter fat cells’ walls and allow for better liposuction compared to traditional liposuction. Second, these VASER generated sound waves heat the skin’s undersurface and allow for better skin contractility. These two unique modalities help to achieve results that no other form of liposuction can achieve.

HB: What is the VASER hi-definition procedure like for on the arms?

VASER hi-definition arm liposuction is performed in the general anesthesia under the guidance of a board-certified anesthesiologist. VASER hi-definition arm liposuction takes approximately two hours to complete. A hidden incision is placed in the armpit, and another incision is placed behind the elbow. Through these incisions, tumescent solution is injected. Tumescent solution helps your arm fat to float and optimizes the transfer of energy of the VASER. Typically, during traditional liposuction, tumescent solution is injected, and then, liposuction is started. However, using the VASER is an extra step, but it is worth it.  Protective skin ports are placed in the incisions. These skin ports protect the skin from the heat of the VASER and friction of the VASER and liposuction cannulas. Once the skin ports are placed, the VASER is inserted. The VASER is turned on, and the fat is melted. Careful movements of the VASER probe melt the arm fat around the deltoids, biceps, and triceps. A significant amount of time is spent on developing and exposing the deltoid, biceps, and triceps. Then, a liposuction cannula is inserted, and the arm fat is aspirated. Typically, to maximize arm fat extraction, a vibrating cannula like a Micro-Aire is used. Once the desired arm results are achieved, the skin ports are removed, and the skin is closed. You are placed in an arm compression garment and awakened from anesthesia.

HB: Who is the right candidate for VASER hi-definition arm liposuction?

If you exercise but cannot achieve the arms you desire, you may be an ideal candidate for VASER Hi-Definition arm liposuction. Good candidates for VASER hi-definition arm liposuction are patients who have reasonable expectations, are in good health, and are willing to continue healthy eating and exercise after their arm liposuction procedure.

Photo Credit: Dr. Timothy KatzenHB: Who is not the right candidate for VASER hi-definition arm liposuction?

Patients who are not good candidates for VASER hi-definition arm liposuction smoke, have uncontrolled weight fluctuations and may have diabetes. Also, VASER hi-definition arm liposuction is not a weight reduction procedure. Instead, VASER hi-definition arm liposuction is for patients who desire a more contoured upper arm.

HB: What is recovery like after VASER hi-definition arm liposuction?

You will wake up in an arm compression garment. For the first several days, your hands, wrists, and forearms may be swollen. To minimize swelling, you will be instructed to elevate your hands above your heart and open and close your hands. Several days after surgery, the arm compression garment will be removed, incisions examined, and you will be allowed to shower. The tiny sutures used to close your incisions will fall out within a week. These entry incisions are minuscule and will heal almost imperceptibly. You should expect to wear your arm compression garment for six weeks after your VASER hi-def arm liposuction. Two to three weeks after your VASER hi-definition arm liposuction, you can begin physical arm activity. Also, two to three weeks after your VASER hi-definition arm liposuction, you should begin lymphatic massage. Lymphatic arm massage should be performed two to three times a week for two weeks.

HB: How is VASER hi-definition arm liposuction different from traditional arm liposuction?

In comparing VASER hi-definition arm liposuction to traditional arm liposuction, VASER arm liposuction has:

  • More dramatic muscle contouring
  • Enhanced skin retraction
  • Can treat multiple areas
  • Less pain
  • Less swelling
  • Less downtime
  • More immediate results
  • More precise sculpting
  • Allows for better liposuction with more fat removed
  • Less blood loss
  • Better overall results

Is VASER worth it? I think so.

HB: What is the cost?

The cost of VASER hi-definition arm liposuction varies according to your plastic surgeon’s experience and your geographic location. Regardless of the cost of the VASER, you should concentrate on the experience of your plastic surgeon and carefully examine their before and after VASER hi-def arm liposuction pictures. You should be able to identify patients who possess similar arm anatomy. In these after arm pictures, you should identify patients who achieved the arm results you are seeking.

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