USC basketball players and coaches react to its upcoming season during COVID-19


Players will receive daily antigen testing as well as one weekly polymerase chain reaction, PCR, test which looks directly at DNA chains in close detail. USC Athletics’ testing is available due to the Pac-12′s recent partnership with Quidel, the corporation providing the rapid, daily antigen tests for student-athletes. In the event of a positive test, that student-athlete will isolate and agree to cardiac monitoring following their isolation period. Athletes have been associated with a higher risk of cardiac complications after Covid-19 recovery due to their high levels of exercise. “When people have inflammation or infection of the heart and they exercise at high levels, there’s pretty good data out there that suggests that it could lead to a risk of sudden cardiac arrest.” said Dr. Eli Friedman, medical director of sports cardiology at Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute.

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