UNK students to get much-requested sand volleyball courts


At UNK, sand volleyball has gained popularity as an intramural sport with approximately 40 teams competing each year. For the past five years, students have had to compete at The Big Apple Fun Center, due to the lack of courts on campus.

KEARNEY — After five years of student inquiries the University of Nebraska at Kearney is building sand volleyball courts.

“It’s something that students have wanted for a long time, and haven’t really gotten yet,” Nicole Kent said. “The furthest we got was to have a design meeting with a design firm in town.”

The courts will be built on the site of Otto C. Olsen once they building is demolished.

Kent, former student body president, and Katie Schultis, student body vice president, discussed special features with Wilkens Architecture Design Planning, such as three courts, light posts, shower stations and shades. The designs were based around Otto Olsen because of its location in “the heart of campus” around the residence halls.

“We just thought it was important to get feedback from a representative group of students on exactly the features they would want and how many courts they would want, so we can really work on the size and scope of a project from a budget standpoint,” said Jon Watts, a UNK vice chancellor. “It’s a feature that they think would be a really great addition to campus.”

During the years sand volleyball has gained in popularity among students. For approximately five years, 40 intramural teams have signed up to play sand volleyball at the Big Apple Fun Center.

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