Twitter reacts to Starc following Ricky Ponting’s mantra and warning Adil Rashid instead of mankading him


In one of the rarest of rarest things that you would see from an Australian cricketer, Starc, in accordance with the spirit of cricket, warned Adil Rashid, who was out of the crease, rather than mankading him, following Ponting’s advice. Rashid was out of his crease in the penultimate over.

Growing up watching cricket, one thing was certain – there was no ruthless side like Australia which was ready to go to any limit, piss off the opponents, fall out with fans, and do anything and everything it takes to end up on the winning side. That’s how we all saw Australians in the noughties under the leadership of the steely Ricky Thomas Ponting. 

For a change, Ricky Ponting, who on many occasions had breached the imaginary spirit of cricket, had advocated for not mankading the batsman and instead letting them go with just a warning. The advice, today, was duly followed by Aussie paceman Mitchell Starc in the series decider at Old Trafford. 

As Mitchell Starc ran in to bowl the penultimate delivery of the penultimate over, he pulled out of his run-up and warned Adil Rashid, who was a fair bit out of his crease and had a head start at the non-strikers’ end. It was one of those rare occasions when an Australian toed to the line when it comes to following the so-called spirit of cricket, which is often used by players and fans alike to cause a storm

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