TTFI prepares roadmap for Nationals


The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) has prepared the roadmap to host the National championships at all levels in the next few months.

Given the logistical challenges in the prevailing circumstances, Sonepat and Indore are likely to host all five Nationals championships — cadet, sub-junior, junior, youth and seniors.

Elaborating on the plans, TTFI secretary-general M.P. Singh said, “the federation is clear that we have to host these championship in asecure environment. Health of the players, coaches and officials are of paramount importance. We zeroed in on Sonepat and Indore because we are confident of providing the participants all arrangements in a bio-secure zone.

“The plan is to host only singles events in every National. Therefore, we are giving the team and doubles events a miss this year. We will the finish girls’/women singles and once they leave the venue, the competition for boys/men will start. In between, there could be a day’s gap to sanitise the accommodation and the venue.

“The TTFI is set carry out COVID-19 tests on around 1000 players, coaches and officials, which could cost the federation around ₹20 lakh.

“We have called a meeting of all our affiliates on Monday to ascertain how each of them plans to go about its State championships, ahead of the Nationals. Depending on the suggestions from all the stakeholders, we will firm up our plans,” he said.

Financial support

Meanwhile, in a commendable gesture, the TTFI is set to distribute up to ₹50 lakh to about 100 players and coaches in need of urgent financial help in these challenging times.

“Many of these players and coaches have had no source of income for the past seven months. We have asked the State associations to give an affidavit to the effect that the nominated player/coach is not getting financial help from any other source. The first instalment will be given very shortly,” declared Singh.

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