TikTokers Officially Brought Back Flared Yoga Pants — and We Couldn’t Be Happier


The latest TikTok trend may look familiar to anyone who fondly remembers the glory days of Twilight, Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccinos, and Katy Perry‘s Hot N Cold hitting the radio.

Yoga pants are back, but since the late 2000s, they’ve gotten a little rebranding. Inspired by popular YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, TikTokers are obsessing over what they are calling “flared leggings.” In one video reposted by The Zoe Report, TikTok user @hannahvboo explains that she bought herself a pair after seeing Chamberlain and others on the app wearing them. She excitedly tries on the pants, eliciting a big smile and encouragement to her followers to buy their own.

Of course, the coveted athleisure item is essentially a pair of plain black yoga pants, as many Millennials and past adopters of the pants pointed out on Twitter. “Can’t believe the TikTok teens have just discovered yoga pants and they’re calling them flared leggings,” one user joked.

Whatever they are called, they look amazing — and we’re certainly glad they’re back in style. The comfy fashion throwback is perfect for home Pilates sessions, yoga flows, stretching, or simply spending long winter days cuddled up on the couch. Keep reading to check out our favorite pairs of flare yoga pants!

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