This Mercy volleyball pair is heading to rivals Louisville, Kentucky


Two volleyball teammates have been playing with each other for 10 years on club and high school teams. How many times do you think they’ve passed the ball to each other in their careers?

“Trillion?” Mercy senior setter Elena Scott said. “Infinity.”

Scott and her teammate Eleanor Beavin have known each since they first joined PNK volleyball club in elementary school. For about a decade, Scott has always been Beavin’s setter, and Beavin has always been Scott’s libero, both at PNK and Mercy Academy. They even played beach volleyball together.

“If you think: two- to three-hour practices, four to five days a week plus playing in games, plus club season, plus all those practices,” Mercy volleyball coach Matt Thomerson said, “I’d say they’re coming up on a couple million reps. And they’ve been doing it for 10 years.”

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