These VR boxing gloves give you an authentic fighter feel


DeadEyeVR’S “Ultimate Boxing Gloves” might be the perfect accessory for VR boxing fans. These gloves work with Oculus Touch controllers to deepen the immersion in your favourite boxing games.


DeadEyeVR said it created the Ultimate Boxing Gloves because they weren’t satisfied with the standard VR boxing experience. These gloves are supposed to enhance the simulation to make it feel more realistic.

The gloves’ creator wanted them to be as realistic as possible, so they used authentic boxing gloves as the foundation. To hold the Oculus Touch controller, DeadEyeVR created a cup that straps to the palm of the gloves, which holds the controller in place while you’re gaming. The gloves are thumbless so that you can use the buttons on the controllers.

These VR boxing gloves give you an authentic fighter feel 02 |

DeadEyeVR said the gloves are made of premium materials with a breathable mesh section to help keep your palms cool, and they feature a large Velcro strap to keep them secure on your hands.

The DeadEyeVR Ultimate Boxing Gloves are available for $24.95 at The low price makes them a great gift idea for the VR boxing fan in your life.

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