The Playmakers: Volleyball Lady Cougar players to watch…


Hannah Robertson

Class of 2021

Personal Goal: My personal goal for the upcoming season is to continue to give my best effort in any and all situations pertaining to volleyball.

Role Model: If I had to choose one role model it would be my older sister. She has always overcome any and every obstacle in her life and I look up to that.

On balancing academics and athletics: Balancing academics and athletics can be hard, but I do so by managing my time in a way that is effective.

Favorite Book: My favorite book and one that has always stuck in my head would have to be The Giver because it is abnormal and pertains to a different kind of life than the one we live.

Thoughts on COVID-19: I view the worldwide pandemic as another obstacle that life has thrown us. Has it affected our lives drastically in multiple different ways? Of course. Will we come out stronger on the other side? Absolutely. We just must get used to the change that is happening now.

Parents: Brandy Padgett and Shane Robertson

Jordan Slocum

Class of 2023

Personal Goal: To work hard, strive for success and continue to grow our program.

Role Model: My mom is my role model because she pushes me to give 100% on and off the court.

On balancing academics and athletics: I have learned how to manage my time by working ahead so my work is completed on time

Favorite Book: “Hear the Wind Blow” by Mary Downing Hahn

Thoughts on COVID-19: Unfortunately, we are having to deal with a profoundly serious virus. It is sad that our attendance will have to be limited at our sporting events . All athletes compete at a higher level when their stands are full of fans.

Parents: Christie and Jeff Slocum

Makenzy Hand

Class of 2021

Personal Goal: For this upcoming season, my goal is to be aggressive at the volleyball net with good hits and blocks to help my team have a winning season!

Role Model: My mom is my role model because she sets an amazing example on how to be a strong independent woman. She has overcome a lot in her life and has kept her faith – which is so powerful to me.

On balancing academics and athletics: I balance academics and athletics by completing my work efficiently on my free time – even if that is late at night.

Favorite Book: “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire

Thoughts on COVID-19: I feel COVID-19 has taken a lot from many people and it has caused my senior season to have a late start with no summer practices and workouts; however I am grateful that we got to start our season and hope that all sports get to continue.

Parents: Jessica Bell and Kenny Hand

Whitley Weathers

Class of 2021

Personal Goal: I hope to become the best leader for my team.

Role Model(s): My parents are both amazing role models for me. They show me how to work hard and never give up in any situation.

On balancing academics and athletics: Always be motivated to work hard, on and off the field or court, while staying on top of your work!

Favorite Book: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

Thoughts on COVID-19: COVID-19 has put so many loved ones at rest and others left hurting. I think we need to be more mindful of others when in public to wear our mask and stay six feet apart. Softball is one of the sports I am most passionate about and COVID took that season away from me and others. I pray we are at the end of this horrible virus.

Parents: Andy and Victoria Weathers

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