Steeleboxer boxing/kickboxing gym does private sessions


Steeleboxer boxing/kickboxing gym does private sessions at our private gym at your own pace,
STEELEBOXER Boxing, Kickboxing gym was voted “BEST OF L.A.’ by Los Angeles Magazine is celebrating 30 years of being the Top Boxing, Kickboxing gym in the Marina del Rey, Venice area. STEELEBOXER was the first gym to open on the westside and is still the BEST. Being the most well equipped gym with a full 18ft elevated pro ring, a weight room, circuit training room, bag room, Ali style footwork area STEELEBOXER provides only private training. If you are a pro fighter, a star working on a film or just a regular person wanting to get in shape with boxing, kickboxing STEELEBOXER, 407 Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey, C.A 310-827-2697. [email protected]

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