Sportspersons back on field as upcoming season beckons


 Players during physical training at Ranital Sports Complex. (Pic by Anil Tiwari


By Ashish Rajput :


GLORY of the sports field is now returning with disciplined gathering of players after the peak of COVID-19 pandemic. Players have started sweating it out on the field to maintain their physical fitness to prove their mettle in the upcoming sports season. Sports persons are also taking necessary precautions to maintain physical distancing and implementing COVID-19 protocol during their physical training. Upcoming players of non-contact and semi-contact sport events like Archery, Badminton, Cycling, Athletics etc have started their game practice while players of contact games like Boxing, Karate, Wushu, Judo, Wrestling, Hockey, Football, Cricket, Kho-kho, Kabaddi etc have started their routine physical fitness under the supervision of their respective coaches.


Regional Sports Officer of Sports and Youth Welfare Department, Santosh Singh Rajput, while talking to ‘The Hitavada’, informed that the players of only non-contact and semi-contact games are being allowed for practice of their respective events at the sports complex. Players of rest of the games have started their physical training under the guidance of their coaches. Rajput informed that full fledged training of non-contact games Archery and Cycling has been started but training of contact games are being strictly prohibited till be next order from higher authorities.


He added that special attention is being given on safety of players of residential scheme at Madhya Pradesh State Archery Academy and no other activity is being allowed near Archery Academy. Since the permission for only physical training of players at sports premises, a large number of players of Boxing, Basketball, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Badminton and Athletics have started their physical training and barren sports fields now retained their glory at Ranital Sports Complex, Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla Sports Complex, Pandutal Ground, Railway Stadium, Police Ground and other grounds.


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