Spiritual boxing sessions for ‘naughty’ kids


GOSPEL GLOVES are helping kids off the street and into the boxing ring as safe haven for troubled teens.

Located in Goonellabah, Gospel Gloves is a youth organisation which promotes fitness and spirituality through boxing.

Founder Hayley Brown said she got the idea after seeing too many kids without something to do in Goonellabah lash out at other people.

“I see the kids all the time, yeah they’re naughty but it’s not really their fault, they need to have good role models because some of them are in pretty bad environments so they’re just reacting to that.”

Gospel Gloves is taking a holistic approach to youth fitness, combining intense boxing exercise with a spiritual side to improve emotional maturity.

“It’s a good workout, when it’s done properly the fitness is the biggest thing, like a minute and a half in a ring seems like forever, the boxing is the end game, they’ve gotta get their fitness up … it just releases a lot of good endorphins,” Ms Brown said.

“We want them to know they’ve got choices and that they are loved, it’s about respect and compassion for each other, trying to work together, it doesn’t matter what faith you are.

“It’s not a skill I want them to use in anger, but learn to restrain yourself but be powerful within yourself … knowing what can happen when you do it in a controlled environment is much better then doing it on the streets.”

For concerned parents, Ms Brown assures them that boxing in a controlled environment like Gospel Gloves is safe.

“There is less injuries in boxing than there is in rugby league because if a child gets one clear hit to the head it’s a count out for 10 seconds,” she said.

“Most of the training is not physical and once you curl up and held up it gets (stopped).”

Search Gospel Gloves on Facebook for more details.

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