Sign located outside of a Millcreek gym displaying political message catches the attention of many people


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A sign outside of a gym in Millcreek Township has caught the attention of many people.

The sign outside of Joe’s Gym reads “Trump hating nazis show your ignorance display a Biden sign.”

The owner of Joe’s Gym, Joseph Orengia said that he put the sign up after people have stolen and vandalized some campaign signs outside of his establishments.

Orengia said that he was tired of people damaging his property and wanted to leave a message for those people who are vandalizing.

“People either rip them up or them or rip them and throw them on the ground or I have a Dan Laughlin sign out there and somebody cut a hole in his forehead on the sign, so I figured hey i’m going to talk to these people and tell them what I think of them,” said Joseph Orengia, Owner of Joe’s Gym.

Orengia added that he noticed how people are reacting to the sign online. Orengia also said that he has posted a statement about the sign on his Facebook page.

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