S.I. native and boxing Hall of Famer Teddy Atlas’ podcast brings ‘The Fight’ to you


Teddy Atlas has a way with words, a way with fighters, and in a more general sense, a way with people.

The Staten Island native and boxing Hall of Famer’s words have long harmonized and explained the nuances and intricacies of the world of boxing, but now he’s bringing his raw, unfiltered opinions on the sport straight to your listening device.

In other words, Atlas is bringing ‘The Fight’ to you.

The Fight, Atlas’ latest project, is a podcast intended for fight fans of all ages and experience levels, in which Atlas delivers his larger than life personality, contrary to his humble and humanizing demeanor, straight to the listener in a way that only a legendary orator like himself can.

Since its debut in 2019, the podcast, which is co-hosted by Ken Rideout, has drawn more than 150k subscribers and released over 100 episodes, in addition to 30m views on YouTube.

Watch Teddy Atlas at his best below

“I’m blessed and grateful to the people who want to listen,” said Atlas. “It’s a nice feeling that people trust you. There’s millions of podcasts out there and we’re one of the most popular in the country when it comes to boxing and UFC.”

It’s a breath of fresh air for Atlas fans, who are well aware that the legendary ESPN personality and boxing trainer is not one to pull any punches.

“It’s different from ESPN, I can say anything I want and not get fired,” joked Atlas, who was a commentator on Friday Night Fights for more than 20 years. “The truth is wanted by the fans and it’s not always welcomed by everyone in this business .

“I know the intricacies and the mental landscaping of boxing,” he added. “I can go inside the mind of a fighter.”

Atlas delivers insight on the fight game in a way that only he can.

The show features Atlas’ opinions on the sport, as well his predictions of future fights and breakdowns of past ones.

“I understand my trade, I can see what’s happening before it happens,” he said. “What I try to do on the podcast is explain why and how.

“Boxing is life for me and it always has been,” added Atlas.

Some of the shows guests include Rosie Perez, Ryan Garcia, and Dustin Poirier.

“Boxing doesn’t really have a voice, it’s still a large sport and we wanted to fill that void,” said Atlas.

However, he’s also provided an outlet for UFC fans as well, delivering similar insight on a sport that is somewhat new to him, though he admits he’s garnered a newfound respect for it.

“I always thought UFC fighters were beasts, animals, but in a good way,” he explained. “I respect their courage and toughness…I didn’t think they could box with a professional though.

“Now I have a different understanding and perspective,” said Atlas. “I didn’t know enough then. It’s a brutal sport — kicks, elbows, knees — people used to say [boxing] was brutal and I’d say they cant appreciate the ‘science’. I would get upset and protect my sport…I just didn’t understand UFC.”

He’s even certain to correct himself when he says “boxing” instead of “striking”.

“The audience asked for it, there’s more than meets the eye,” said Atlas. “It’s a whole different picture, I was wrong about it. Now, I admire and respect it.”

SPT Atlas

International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Teddy Atlas speaks during the induction ceremony in Canastota, N.Y., Sunday, June 9, 2019. (John Brewer/Oneida Dispatch via AP)

The show has drawn rave reviews, as well as direct emails to Atlas — thanking him for his life comparisons and metaphors, which he so beautifully narrates to the listener in harmony with the world of fighting.

“We get thousands of emails from people who can relate and I feel good about that,” he said. “We’re all in a fight, life is a fight.

“I connect the dots with boxing and life,” concluded Atlas.

The Fight can be streamed on all major platforms and YouTube.

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