PogChamps 3: Tubbo Advances To Consolation Semifinal


In a short, one-match day of PogChamps 3 quarterfinals action, Tubbo defeated CodeMiko in the consolation bracket. He will play Neeko in the consolation bracket semifinal.

PogChamps 3 consolation bracket.

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Tubbo Defeats CodeMiko

CodeMiko was feeling under the weather Thursday, and it was clear during the post-game interview. She gutted out the match anyway, without streaming. Tubbo used his better rating and health to his advantage and won the match without much difficulty.

Miko held her own in the first game, but gave up her knight for a pawn without much else in return. Tubbo followed up effectively and won without much further trouble—overcoming some doubts in the commentary in the process.

In the second game, Miko appeared to try a scholar’s mate, but apparently did not see that her queen was hanging for free. In the post-game interview, she admitted to moving the wrong piece. Tubbo was tempted to let the queen go, but took it instead and won easily in just 23 moves after crafting a minefield with checkmate on g2.

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