Play chess like a dictator: Ceausescu’s chess table on sale at auction in Romania


Play chess like a dictator: Ceausescu’s chess table on sale at auction in Romania

A chess table that belonged to Romania’s late communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu will be put up for sale at an online auction organized by Artmark.

The Interior Design Auction, which comprises about 300 decorative objects, is scheduled for October 1.

Nicolae Ceausescu was a fan of the game of chess. He was playing chess with ministers, partners, or party comrades.

With a starting price of EUR 350, the chess table on sale at the Artmark auction was made in a Romanian workshop, probably in Arad, the auction house said. It is made of wood and is accompanied by a certificate of origin from the RAAPPS – the Administration of State Protocol Patrimony.

“The chess table, one of monumental dimensions, was used by Nicolae Ceausescu during his working dialogues, and keeps, including through the size of the pieces, the history of a Ceausescu era in which the communist dictator used every opportunity to compete with others, being obsessed with winning and refusing at all costs to lose a game or the control,” Artmark said in a press release.

The Interior Design Auction also includes a collection of Galle, Daum Nancy or Murano bottles, extravagant Mid Century Modern lamps, or Ormolu fireplace clocks. 

Until October 1, when the online auction is scheduled, all the decorative objects can be seen free of charge at the Cesianu-Racoviță Palace in Bucharest. The auction will be held on the Artmark Live platform and will start at 19:30. 

Nicolae Ceausescu was born on January 26, 1918, in Scornicesti. He was the last communist leader of Romania. 

Ceausescu was the country’s president until 1989 when the December Revolution ended the communist regime in Romania. After the Revolution, both Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were tried and convicted to death for mass murder after a two-hour court session.

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(Photo source: Artmark)

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