October 3-4: Speed Chess Championship Super Swiss


Chess.com announces the Speed Chess Championship Super Swiss, a two-day qualification event from which one player will qualify for the 2020 Speed Chess Championship. It will run October 3-4, 2020 in Live Chess and has a $15,000 prize fund.

The Speed Chess Championship Super Swiss will start with a 15-round Swiss on Saturday, October 3nd is open to every titled player. The time control is three minutes, without increment. In order to ensure fair play, 10-minute breaks will be held after rounds three, six, nine, and 12.

The top 16 finishing players will move to a knockout tournament on Sunday, October 4, from which the eventual winner will qualify directly into the Speed Chess Championship.

In Sunday’s round of 16, the players will play two 5+1 games, two 3+1 games, and five 1+1 games. Both the quarterfinals and semifinals consist of two 5+1 games, three 3+1 games, and six 1+1 games. In the final, there will be two 5+1 games, four 3+1 games, and eight 1+1 games.

The tiebreaker in each round is single armageddon game with five minutes for White and four mins for Black (who has draw odds) with the higher seed choosing the color.

The total prize fund is $15,000 with $3,500 going to the winner. There are prizes for all 16 players who reach the knockout and also $250 for the top female player and a $250 streamers prize.

The dates for the 2020 Speed Chess Championship will be announced soon. Besides the winner of the Super Swiss and a number of invited players, another spot will go to the winner of the Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix.

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