Nic Kerdiles Hits The Gym, Works On Post Breakup Body


Nic Kerdiles stepped out of reality TV life when he and Savannah Chrisley split up last month. As those who follow Chrisley Knows Best related news know, the couple officially confirmed their breakup via Instagram on September 15. And, fans have been trying to put the pieces together on why the couple broke up every since. 

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the breakup.

Fans spent a solid week or two after the breakup badgering Savannah and Nic on Instagram. They were desperate to know exactly why the couple split up. They even badgered Savannah’s father for information. Some even speculated Todd WAS the reason they broke up. Todd Chrisley, however, wasn’t happy about the attention. And, he asked fans on his podcast to leave Savannah and Nic Kerdiles alone.

Savannah Chrisley has also made it clear she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. She has said everything she wants to say about the breakup. If she decides she wants to say more, she will. But, it is for her to decide. And not anyone else.

We know Savannah Chrisley is doing alright.

As we previously reported, Savannah seems to be doing great following the breakup. In fact, it looks like she’s very happy and enjoying embracing the world as a single woman.

We, however, do think she’s suffering from a bit of baby fever at the moment. She’s recently mentioned outfits she would love to see her own children in. And, the statement on her hypothetical child had fans puzzled.

But, how is Nic Kerdiles doing post breakup?

Unfortunately, it’s been over a week since Nic posted anything on Instagram. While he’s no longer a member of the Chrisley family, a lot of fans continue to love him. So, they were happy when he took to his Instagram Stories recently

From the outside, it seemed as if Nic Kerdiles was having a hard time dealing with the breakup. We know he traveled to lean on family for support following the breakup. But, he was trying to smile through the pain on Instagram.

And, now? Well, it looks like he’s working on his post breakup body at the moment! He revealed on his Instagram Stories that he was hitting the gym and working on himself.

Beyond the gym, we also know he wants to get his own gold retriever. And, he’s finding comfort in night drives.

So, do you think Nic Kerdiles is working on his post breakup body? Do you think Savannah Chrisley is happy being single? Sound off in the comments.

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