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(This story originally appeared in on Sep 21, 2020)

As Parthiv Patel‘s RCB start their IPL campaign today, his family will stick to the tradition, and have something sweet
We all know that many sportspersons are quite particular about their rituals – especially on matchday. Serena Williams wears a single pair of socks throughout a single tournament run while basketball legend Michael Jordan wore his lucky North Carolina shorts under his uniform throughout his career. And we all know Sachin Tendulkar will put his left pad before the right.
The rituals surely affect the families as the family of Parthiv Patel will follow the tradition when his team Royal Challengers Bangalore take the field against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Monday.
“We (including their daughter Venika, and Parthiv’s parents) have our ritual when Parthiv is playing,” Avni Patel, Parthiv’s wife, told Mirror. “We have our own, specific place where we sit. And no one moves until the match is over (laughs),” she revealed.
But that was not the end, there is more.
“Another thing we do is prepare a sweet dish on matchday. Some favourites include sukhdi, mohanthal and sheero. Tomorrow (on Monday), when RCB take on SRH, we will be making puran poli,” Avni, a designer by profession, said, adding, “Venika loves it, too.”
And after an unprecedented break, Avni acknowledged that they are looking forward to seeing the Gujarat skipper in the telly.
“When the IPL dates were announced, it was as if life was restored for him. Of course, there is excitement and anticipation of watching him on television after a long time,” she said.
Avni also admitted that the times are different now and she could not join her cricketer husband. But technology ensures the bridge is not too long.
“We were very clear about not setting foot outside the house until necessary. Once the dates for the league were announced, Parthiv became even stricter with his regime, taking care to not step out of the house at all. Moreover, being organised helps him too,” Avni talked about the COVID-19 effect.
“We won’t be joining him in the UAE right now considering all the teams are in a ‘bubble’ and we decided not to disturb them. Besides, we do not want them to worry about us being there, they should only be concentrating on their game right now. But we talk/video-call six to seven times a day,” she added.

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