Massive Boxing Weekend



(OCT 12) This weekend has
been one hell of a massive weekend with three boxing events all
happening on the same night. Now we shall break it down on what
happened in each event.

Return of the Greek and
John Parker

At sports cave in Stanmore Bay, Craig Thomson delivered another
night of classic boxing entertainment with two major returns in
the ring.

The first pro fight brought us the returning Nikolas
Charalampous vs Junior Tapuni aka Avefu’a Iakopo Jnr. This was
Niks first fight since his last surgery and needed to get
himself active again. But he made sure that the fight didn’t go
to the cards with an early 2nd round KO. After the fight, Nik
announced that he will be fighting at cruiserweight a couple of
times before moving back to Light Heavyweight division. He said
this time he is going to give his career all he’s got.

In the second fight, we got the returning John Parker vs Ben
Williams. It was a messy fight as both boxers wrestle and
holding. This is mostly due to Ben Williams holding John’s arms
or hold when john gets close. Make both boxers have trouble
landing clean punches. Eventually, into the second round, John
started landing clean effective punches which lead to Ben
dropping to the floor twice before winning by TKO. John said
after he was happy to be back and wants to fight as much as he
can and very grateful for everyone that helped him. John Parker
is now being trained by Inuguaral IBF World champion Daniella
Smith. In this fight we celebrate Benji Watt reaching is 100th
fight as a professional boxing judge. John Parker said it was an
honour to fight on the fight that Benji received his 100th fight
as a judge especially being first gay boxing judge in the world
and his contribution to the sport with Boxrec and other boxing

The last fight was the 4 man tournament finals rematch between
William Whiu and Semisi Kalu. William Whiu spends the majority
of the time on the back foot but was in control of the whole
fight. He attempted to outbox Semisi and guard with any heavy
hits. Semisi did come in to land some heavy shots but was not
able to get a good rhythm. The fight, in the end, ended in a
Split decision Draw. With this, we expect a rematch sometime in
the future but first, we will see Semisi Kalu on the Shane
Cameron show.


Going down to Hamilton, Cairo George promoted a Waikato fight
night to die for with the vacant Pro Box NZ Super Middleweight

The first Pro of the evening was Finn Higgins taking on debut
boxer Tain Cropley. Tain making his debut making sure the judges
had no choice as he Knocked out Finn Higgins in the 3rd round.
Due to this victory, Tain Cropley may possibly get an NZ title
fight at the end of the month, but we shell only wait and see.

The second Pro fight was the NZ title fight between Chase Haley
and Francis Waitai. Francis Waitai being the hometown hero won
the full 10 round fight clearly with a massive upset win over
the extremely experienced boxer Chase Haley who had their 100th
boxing round in his pro career. Francis Waitai now being Pro Box
NZ Super Middleweight champion will get a big boost in the
rankings. He will also be fighting on the Shane Cameron fight

Celebrating Women’s Boxing

We celebrate women’s boxing as we see Baby Nansen take on Karen
Te Ruki Pasene for the inaugural PBC South Pacific Lightweight

First of all the end of the Panuve Helu vs Jason Tuala ended
controversially as Panuve Helu knocked out his opponent by a
heavy shot at the back of the head which is obviously highly
illegal. Faiyaz Khan Referee of the night failed to notice even
though the punch was clear as day right in front of him. Due to
Faiyaz Khan not knowing the rules very well, he awarded Panuve
Helu the win by KO instead of stopping the fight by No Contest
or legitimate foul by DQ with the boxer unable to continue.

Another fight was between a massive upset TKO win for Mark
Arquiza over Said Salem in the third round. Also noticing the
vice president of PBCNZ Darcy Williams refereed the fight put a
standing 8 count on the boxer before waving the fight off when
instead of the rule when you need to stand in a Pro fight its
the end of the fight.

Another fight showed a close fight which was a rematch between
Aung Sanda and Raihau Lehartel. The first fight ended in a draw.
This time we have a result but it indeed was a close fight with
the winner by Split Decision was Raihau Lehartel.

In the final fight of the event, we got to see Women’s boxing
main event the show. Baby Nansen took on Karen Te Ruki Pasene
for the inaugural PBC South Pacific Lightweight title. Baby
Nansen absolutely dominated the whole fight. At the end of the
7th round, Karen corner decided that was enough and wanted to
retire. Now the New South Pacific champion Baby Nansen. Baby
Nansen ultimate goal now is to go for a World title.

You can see Craig Thomson show on Gladrap Channell on Youtube
within a week. You can see Bruce Glozier show on LOP STREAM on

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