Marianas Variety – Badminton group receives 96 AirShuttles


The newly designed AirShuttle.


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AirBadminton is the outdoor version of the sport. Using  the newly designed shuttlecock, NMBA will be able to add variety to badminton.

The new outdoor shuttlecock, the AirShuttle, was developed to provide more stability and wind resistance and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as sand, grass or hard surfaces.

AirBadminton is the same as indoor badminton, but it can be played 3 vs 3 or triples.

Interested players and coaches are requested to sign up and complete the online component on to get a certificate and to be able to teach students during the NMBA Shuttle Time program.

The online component provides an opportunity for participants to cover the theoretical aspects of the program.

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