Managing anxiety with yoga in Pittston


Feeling stressed out from the pandemic? Some yoga may help you out.

PITTSTON, Pa. — A group of yogis found a way to relieve some stress and anxiety in part of Luzerne County on Saturday.

A “Yoga for Anxiety” series was held at The Salt Barre in Pittston.

The owner of the studio along East Street says it’s all part of a three-week series to help reduce panic.

She says it’s more important now than ever because of the stress of the pandemic.

“A lot of people are needing to take care of their mental health, they’re cooped up inside and craving connection really with everybody that they’re able to connect with in some capacity, and learn how to manage their mental health on their own too,” said Alyssa Kashuda, co-owner of The Salt Barre.

In the class, people were also able to learn about diet and its impact on anxiety – including triggering foods and important vitamins to alleviate stress naturally. 

For more information on future sessions, you can check out The Salt Barre’s Facebook page.  

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