Makoto Furukawa Plays a Sports Schemer in Burning Kabaddi TV Anime



Another new cast member has been revealed for Burning Kabaddi (known as Shakunetsu Kabaddi in Japan), an upcoming TV anime based on the full-contact sports manga by Hajime Musashino about a former soccer ace who gets drawn into the highly competitive world of a sport that hails from India.


A character setting of Kei Iura, a bespectacled members of the Noukin High School kabaddi club whose gentle demeanor hides a ruthless cunning, from the upcoming Burning Kabaddi TV anime.


In Burning Kabaddi, Makoto Furukawa plays Kei Iura, the deputy director of the Noukin High School kabaddi club. Kei is a brainy player with a strong head for strategy, and despite his gentle demeanor, he is actually quite cunning and ruthless. Kei has been playing kabaddi for about six years.



The story of Burning Kabaddi follows Tatsuya Yoigoshi, a former soccer ace who gave up sports after graduating from middle school. One day Tatsuya is scouted by Masato Ohjyo, the captain of the Noukin High School kabaddi club. Tatsuya is convinced that kabaddi is just a joke, but his athletic instincts awaken when he attends a practice match and discovers that the sport is actually closer to a martial arts competition.


A key visual for the upcoming Burning Kabaddi TV anime, featuring the main characters Tatsuya Yoigoshi and Masato Ohjyo in their team uniforms, preparing to pounce.


Burning Kabaddi is directed by Kazuy Ichikawa and features animation production by TMS Entertainment. The series is scheduled to broadcast in Japan on TV Tokyo and other stations beginning in April of 2021.




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