Local Event: Online Thanksgiving Chess Camp for Children K ~Sixth Grade (6th)


While located in Fremont California, Any location is welcome!

Who are we? – Our School 😉

Please take thought of our offered activity in a cost that is affordable to the families therein giving all students some fun and learning and perhaps the new ones to CHESS an opportunity to learn and see to further their skills within the sport and or not … never know till try.

Age’s are from K ~ 6th Grade

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Worry not if they not even know what a pawn is, as we have taught such to now a level in months to playing mini tournaments in our class all online.

We use the software ChessKid.Com and are organized to which have many students in current and the factor of them interacting is just as important as the sport itself

So join us and try it out it will be fun (to keep safe and fun, all students “must” register. Join the day, two or three …

All regular Chess classes this coming week and private 1-1 Chess classes are closed for break as to bring about this Chess Camp 😉

Here is one of our student in learning 😉

~ Register Here ~

Who are we? – Our School 😉

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