Like It Or Not, Yoga Pants Are Making A Comeback


A decade ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a pair of skin-tight bike shorts. Yoga pants, though, now that was a silhouette I could rally behind. Fitted at the top, loose at the bottom — they were the perfect combination of flattering and comfortable. I wore them daily, one leg tucked into my salt-stained UGG boots, the other falling casually over the boot’s rounded toe. Somewhere along the way, I, like many others, filed my yoga pants away with the rest of the ‘00s trends I once sported. In their place rose bike shorts à la Kim Kardashian, which, until recently, had reigned supreme in the athleisure realm. But, according to a particularly influential member of Gen Z, Emma Chamberlain, yoga pants are on their way to becoming the “new bike shorts.” 

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