Lakeview Super Senior – Reese Janssen


When she’s not on the hardwood, Janssen is raising a calf or two nine months out of the year. She began working with cattle in 4-H at age eight and has grow accustomed to the care and attention it takes to produce a winner.

This past summer she won reserve champion at the Platte County Fair. Although she can’t pick her team like she picks her calves, there’s an undeniable parallel between caring for a winner in the show ring and caring for a winning team as a setter.

After winning one ribbon this year, she’s made it known to her team that it has what it takes to bring home another.

“We’re just taking it one day at a time. I’m always encouraging them and letting them know this is the year we can do it. We were so close last year, I remind them how close we were and how much that hurt,” Janssen said.

“Basketball meant a lot, but this would mean more because it’s my last year. Volleyball means a lot to me, and my coaches, too. I know how hard they work, and how hard I work; we want to accomplish it for one another.”

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