Kleving: Says sick should just ‘tough it out’


Reading the recent article on making the gyms safer, (“Making gyms safer a constant challenge,” Daily Independent, Sept. 16, 2020). I think you missed the obvious.

Like not being ready for the weights. Not stretching and getting warmed up ready to exercise. Protecting yourself from lightning strikes while walking through the parking lot. The chances of becoming infected by the COVID in the gym seem about as remote as a lightning strike. The managers of the gym and the patrons are smart enough to protect themselves and others.

It is time to open our economy back to operating the way it is meant to. You need to expose the reality of the virus and it’s true impact on the citizenry of this nation. Give us unfiltered data on the effects on people of all age groups. How many people in the data groups who tested positive yet had no symptoms? How many people recovered from the virus by refusing hospital care and just toughed it out?

A lot of stories out here that are not being told. For sure you can get pretty sick with COVID but it’s not necessarily fatal. We hear and read about the death numbers and ask ourselves what else was contributing to the statistic? So much we don’t know, but where can we go to get real information on this Chinese import?

Before you criticize my questions, I am 79 years old, overweight with COPD and have recovered from the COVID-19. After talking to nurses who know, I refused hospital treatment and about five weeks later I took my wife out for her birthday dinner. She’s younger than I am by a year and she recovered faster than I did.

Let’s get Arizona back to work, that’s what they do best. Put the kids back in school where they belong this time of year.

Michael Kleving
Sun City

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