Keeping badminton interest alive


Twenty-four teams have registered for the Badminton Business House Competition.

Interest in playing badminton has increased since the Cook Islands Games says Badminton Cook Islands president Thomas Ngauru.

Today, Wednesday October 28, the 2020 Cook Islands Badminton Business House Competition begins and 24 teams have registered.

Badminton president Thomas Ngauru said the competition is split into two divisions.

Ngauru said the social division is for beginners and those looking for some fun games with 16 teams registered and will take place every Wednesday at the Telecom Sports Arena for the next four weeks. 

The elite division is for experienced players looking for more competitive games. 

He said eight teams have registered and will compete on Fridays. Each team is made up of at least six players and will play a round robin competition.  

“There has been a huge interest since the Cook Islands Games with the number of players growing exponentially,” he said.

“It’s great to have competitions like these to keep that interest alive.”


Draws are:

5pm: Court 1 – Vodafone Viris vs Vaiakura Midnight, Court 2: Savage Family vs D’s, Court 3: Vonnias VBOSS vs The Matearikis, Court 4: Ohana vs Vicious & Delicious.

Court 5: Vodafone Viritaras vs Slipway Boiz, Court 6: Clean Team vs Rock Babes, Court 7: Vonnias Venom vs AIMS Squad, Court 8: Palm Grove vs Tumuora.

6.30pm: Court 1- Savage Family vs Vonnias VBOSS, Court 2: Vodafone Viris vs The Matearikis,Court 3: D’s vs Vicious & Delicious, Court 4: Ohana vs Vaiakura Midnight, Court 5: Clean Team vs Vonnias Venom, Court 6: Vodafone Viritaras vs AIMS Squad, Court 7: Tumuora vs Rock Babes, Court 8: Slipway Boiz vs Palm Grove.

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