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In the latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Sirat tries to convince Kairav that she is not his mom. He refuses to believe her and feels she is a spy on a mission. After he leaves, Sirat bumps into Kartik again. She laughs at his red nose. He requests her to give him ice as he has a meeting in another ten minutes. But before that, he asks her to tell him the password of his wifi. She says she uses the connection of ‘Seven Star’ hotel nearby. She makes him stand on a stool and tells him to attend the meeting from there.

Kairav looks at Sirat and recalls her words. He feels sad that Sirat is unlike his mother. Meanwhile, Mukesh feels upset with his wife for not learning more about Kartik and Kairav. He decides to find more about them himself and take revenge from them for humiliating him. Kartik leaves to find a dongle.

Kairav talks to his Vansh bhaiya and tells him that he feels Sirat is lying to him. Vansh promises to help him. A few men walk into Sirat and Mauri’s house. They ask for Mukesh. Sirat yells at them and asks them to look at the nameplate before entering someone’s house. When she looks at their door, she finds the nameplate missing. Sirat feels upset as she had made it with love with her dad. She decides to serve Mukesh right for it. She goes to his house.

Mukesh ridicules her and tells her that he’d give her the nameplate if she wins a match with him in the ring. Sirat agrees but he tells her it won’t be boxing but kabaddi. Sirat refuses to accept the challenge and also decides to take her nameplate back anyhow. Kartik comes there and challenges Mukesh. He tells Mikesh kabaddi is a team game. And he is going to be the first player in Sirat’s team. They decide to keep the game fair.

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