Jimerson hoping for seamless return to SLU basketball team


Because Jimerson’s injury happened when it did, he barely qualified for a medical hardship. In essence, he received 10 free games to adjust to college basketball without losing a year of eligibility.

Through work at SLU and at home during the offseason, he made himself stronger with weight work to better handle the rigors of the college game and to play the Billikens’ physical style.

“We’re known for our strength inside, and I’m not out there super muscular,” he said. “But there’s a way I can play like that, and I was starting to grasp that before I got hurt.”

Jimerson left St. Louis in March after the season was abruptly canceled, weighing around 205 pounds. He quickly jumped to 215 at home before getting serious about his diet and workouts. He returned to St. Louis at 195 and since has gained only a few pounds.

“I got home and cleaned up my diet,” he said. “It’s one thing I wanted to focus on and that I knew I could control. When I got back here, everyone said I looked different. Coach Ford was saying I looked like a different person. I’m just a lot leaner now.”

Access to a physical therapist, a weight room and a basketball court during the spring and early summer at home in Virginia was a huge boost in helping Jimerson return to form.

After the longest injury-related layoff he has endured, Jimerson was anxious to get back to shooting. The results have been promising for the Billikens.

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