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Yoga is a highly-popular set of practices that currently counts millions of disciples throughout the world. There are over 36 million people who are practicing yoga only in the United States. That means about 10 percent of the American population, and the overall numbers don’t show any signs of slowing down.

Since popularity is not a synonym for quality, the same applies to the yoga practices. Having its origin in ancient India and in the Hindu religion, yoga is far from being a harmless set of rules like most people want to deceive themselves. Yoga is also at the heart of the New Age movement, which has adopted the basic beliefs and goals of Hinduism. But all forms of yoga lead into the occult.

The dynamic meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, one of the most controversial gurus from India, promoted the so-called scientific yoga among millions of followers, a movement that promises to offer enlightenment much faster and easier than other forms of yoga. Mahesh’s teachings were charging his members thousands of dollars for making them engage in all sorts of supranatural activities such as levitation. Mahesh even urged his disciples to engage in shocking sexual practices as a supposed way of salvation.

The dynamic meditation is a New Age combination where the members have to perform certain movements for awakening kundalini, the serpent force. This leads to a state where the members’ memory goes away completely, leaving them with no idea for what they’ve done for most of the time spent there. It’s obvious that they can be manipulated to do pretty much anything in this way. Although this peculiar practice claims to offer some sort of unification with the Universe and the gain of inner peace, there had been reported thousands of cases of suicides, rapes, beatings, and murders going on among various guru’s centers from all over the world.

Beware of tantra yoga

Tantra yoga promises to offer enhanced sexual experiences, but it’s much more dangerous than that. Those who are advanced disciples of this set of practices get involved in very degenerate behavior, such as sexual perversion, human sacrifice, and more.

Yoga perpetuates the idea of evil

Yoga pretends to somehow solve the problem of evil by the claim of reincarnation and karma. For instance, if someone is an employer who mistreats his employees by not paying them, that wrongdoer himself will be an unpaid employee in the next life. Although such a belief seems righteous in the eyes of some people, it actually promotes the idea that evil is not only acceptable, but an absolute necessity.

Dave Hunt, who’s an international expert and author of books dealing with eastern mysticism, occult, cults, and psychic phenomenon, speaks about the impending dangers of yoga practices and specifically the karma part. He makes the correlation with Christianity, where a believer gets to suffer for his sins without someone else having to behave in an evil way. Dave Hunt adds about the teachings of the Bible:

Whether you want to believe it or not, in contrast, the Bible says ‘yes, we do suffer the consequences of our deeds, but at the hands of a righteous God who has made a provision for our sins through God Himself becoming a man to die for our sins. And if we accept His payment for the judgement we deserve, than we’re forgiven’

He also concludes:

So the Bible does offer a solution to evil, whereas karma, in my opinion, does not.

Of course, there’s no denying that ultimately, any person can do what he or she wants with his or her life. But free will is also not a synonym for wise choices.

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