Hit traps and peel switches: The two chess moves that ended a Rockets era


This is the first of a two-part piece examining the Lakers-Rockets chess match, the tactics the Lakers employed to win the series and how Houston can counter this moving forward. 

To the casual NBA fan — or even the more engaged, in-tune one — the name Željko Obradović might not exactly roll off the tongue.

And before you say anything, no, Obradović isn’t the next best prospect to come out of Europe or hasn’t featured on Sam Vecenie’s draft board — he’s 60 years young. But his name carries a ton of weight both in the NBA and overseas — particularly more so abroad.

Obradović is perhaps the most decorated European coach of all time, garnering 63 distinctions in a career that spans over three decades. In his time manning the sidelines for esteemed foreign clubs such as Panathinaikos, Fenerbahçe, and Real Madrid, Obradović won 11 EuroLeague championships, made 18…

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