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Please note: this segment was previously recorded in 2019.

Stretching can be one of those forgotten elements in our fitness routines. Yoga can be a great way to get in those valuable movements to help our muscles heal, while strengthening our joints and posture. In this week’s Health in Focus, we are talking all about back pain and how yoga can help you alleviate it all.

We chat with board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Jay Jagannathan from Jagannathan Neurosurgery and Tommy Mack from the Tommy Mack Practice Yoga Studio in Birmingham to bring you everything you need to know about starting your yoga journey.

“Jobs have become more sedentary, so it’s no wonder that back pain is a huge issue,” said Dr. Jagannathan. “Before we move on to things like medication and back surgery, I offer alternative methods to help them with their pain”. This includes yoga. “It can help strengthen and stretch the spine, and help you develop proper posture”.

“Since people are sitting all day, a lot of times the spine is in a bit of a forward bend or compressed,” Mack mentioned. He walked us through poses like the sphinx or the seated position which can help stretch the hamstrings and lumbar to create less tension in the lower-back area. Inhaling is one of the most important parts of doing yoga and Tommy Mack encourages people to work on these poses on a daily basis if their jobs are very sedentary.

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