Gymnast Nastia Liukin Displays Olympic Flexibility In Yoga Session


Although many of the local Montana residents were excited for Nastia Liukin and her family to be hanging out in Big Sky Country, the trip wasn’t without a bit of controversy. One person lashed out at the Olympic gymnast and accused her of exploiting the great state of Montana for her own Instagram gain … but got a solid clap back from the star.

“It’s pretty disappointing to see Californian celebrities come to our beautiful state only to do a western/country/cowgirl/cowboy photo shoot in western hats and boots. Jussayin,” the harsh critic wrote.

Not backing down from the shade, Liukin personally answered the “fan” in her own Instagram comments:

“not a Californian 🙂 we actually own a home here in your / our beautiful state that we love so much.”

Liukin’s response was met with tons of likes from her true fans.

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