Gym no longer part of Perry Township community centre expansion plans


The Township of Perry community centre and library expansion will no longer include a gym.

Following a discussion on the results from a public information session that was held Sept. 16, Perry council decided having a gym at the community centre/library may not be in the township’s best interest.

Township liability, cost and usage were the biggest concerns listed by mayor and council.

Coun. Joe Lumley said he was second-guessing the gym decision.

“There have been a couple emails people have sent through wondering who’s going to maintain the gym, what happens if someone gets hurt and who’s going to monitor it,” said Lumley during the meeting.

The gym was originally proposed by the Perry Fire Department, and Coun. Margaret Ann MacPhail said she was supportive of the gym for the firefighters but also aware of the liability issue having a public gym may pose.

“I do consider it a liability issue, but I would like to see the firefighters have something,” she said. “Not sure if the community centre is where we have to have it — but I don’t know whether we should open it up to the community because that adds more concern.”

How many people would use the gym was a question Coun. Paul Sowrey had.

“Part of me would like to see the exercise room there, but the other part wonders what the percentage of the people of Perry Township are going to use it?” he asked before mentioning he’s had a lot of seniors say there wasn’t enough room put aside for them.

The proposed gym would be approximately 1,472 square feet of the community centre/library expansion, which would include the change room and shower facilities.

According to Mayor Norm Hofstetter, the cost to build the gym is $225 per square foot.

“That’s $300,031 output just for that gym facility and showers — that does not put any equipment in the building itself,” he said.



The mayor said that he was in favour of dropping the gym from the project and focusing on utilizing that space for storage.

Council said it hopes to move forward in the planning of the expansion.

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