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Ganon Baker hosts youth basketball clinic at Harrisonburg’s Horizons Edge


HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – The Horizons Edge sports facility hosted a youth basketball clinic Saturday and Sunday, led by basketball skills coach Ganon Baker.

Baker has trained with the likes of Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Maya Moore and many more of basketball’s biggest names.

He’s traveled the world coaching and training for the last 20 years, displaying his passion for the game of basketball.

“It’s finding out what you love, and then trying to be as great as you can at it,” Baker said. “Usually, with everything, what you do will affect your community. How do we make this world a better world? Throw our positive passion into something that we love and try to build our community up. That’s what I try to do for basketball.”

Players and coaches from the area learned more than just regular basketball knowledge over the weekend, as Baker breaks the game down into little pieces.

“It makes you realize just how much we don’t know,” Chris Dodson, Spotswood’s girls basketball head coach, said. “I’m 52 and I’ve learned something every day this week working with Ganon. It’s always a learning experience.”

“It’s a lot of just learning about basketball, dedication and hard work,” Spotswood sophomore Zoli Khalil said. “Just things you wouldn’t think of. Not just moves and stuff, it’s about the mindset and everything like that.”

Baker even told the group he trained with Sunday a story about when he worked out with Lebron James and the work ethic he possesses.

“He said greatness is doing the right thing everyday and doing it with all you got,” Baker said. “He said greatness is consistency.”

That same mentality is what he preached at Horizons Edge.

“I coach the truth,” Baker said. “Mark Twain once said ‘the truth fears no question.’ I don’t question anything I do. I have confidence in what I do and I know if the kids buy in and listen, it can change their life.”

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