Foreign dreams crushed, but this kabaddi star never lost hope


Ajay Joshi

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, October 17

Mangat Singh, alias Mangi Bagga (35), one of the most experienced players of the circle style kabaddi that originated in Punjab, has been a source of constant inspiration for the new generation of players.

Having started playing the sport in 1998, he hasn’t taken retirement yet. Apart from brushing his skills in accordance with the latest tricks, he is training the budding players.

Fondly called “pind king”, Bagga has also served as the captain of the Indian kabaddi team in the first Kabaddi World Cup in 2010.

“Kabaddi has been an integral part of Punjab villages. However, the rising drug menace has badly affected the life of the youth in the state. So, my goal is to motivate more youth to join the sport,” he said.

As kabaddi has been played widely in several parts of the state and has dominated all other sources of entertainment, the experienced players feel the sport is somehow losing its charm among the youth.

Also associated with Major League Kabaddi Federation, Bagga said: “Just as kabaddi is getting popular internationally, we need the same level of encouragement among the local youth here. Many skilled persons have been born in Punjab villages and we want to continue the tradition.”

An all-rounder and known for his impeccable raiding and jaffy skills, the “pind king” has been a force to reckon with among the competitors. Having remarkably contributed to the sport for 15 years, he has played various national and international tournaments.

Fondly called ‘The pind king’

  • Mangat Singh’s career to either be a kabaddi player or a wrestler was decided even before he was born by his father Gurmail Singh, who had mastered both the sports.
  • My resolve to move abroad to improve the financial condition of my family got me into trouble and within 4-5 months I had to return after being duped by travel agents
  • Fondly called ‘pind king’, Bagga has served as the captain of the Indian kabaddi team and now he is on a mission to promote the sport among youngsters

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