Fit India Movement 2020 LIVE | The family that plays together, stays together, says PM Modi


New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today interacted with fitness experts and influencers from across India to mark the one-year anniversary of Fit India Movement. During the event, he spoke about his idea of a healthy lifestyle and discuss with the influencers the virtues of a healthy routine via this dialogue.

“In times of Covid-19 pandemic, fitness has become an even more important aspect of life. The dialogue will see a timely and fruitful conversation on nutrition, wellness and various other aspects on fitness,” the government had said.

Here are the LIVE updates from the event:

13:14 pm: Fitness Ki Doze, Adha Ghanta Roz – every Indian should play some game or do some fitness activity, be it Tennis, Badminnton, Kabaddi – it has to be for half an hour, says PM Modi

12:58 pm: PM Modi interacts with Mukul Kanitkar

12:56 pm: Our native food belonging to the regions we come from have traditionally taken care of our health and our ancestors have lived healthy lives eating these foods. With today’s lifestyle, we started eating outside food and our fitness levels fell. This needs to be corrected, says Virat Kohli

12:54 pm: Fitness has to be priority. Earlier, to improve my game, I started to focus on fitness. But now I have realised fitness is the priority. Today, life has become too hectic. We will be left behind if we do not sync our fitness with our life, says Virat Kohli

12:53 pm: Fitness should be a top priority, says Virat Kohli

12:52 pm: PM Modi also thanked Virat Kohli for taking time out from his IPL 2020 schedule

12:49 pm: PM Modi interacts with Virat Kohli

12:48 pm: 

12:43 pm: PM Modi speaks to Swami Shivadhyanam Saraswati

12:42 pm: Your appeal for “ocal for local is the need of the hour. When we say Haldi doodh is good for health, people don’t listen. Call it Turmeric Latte and people have it to make it a statement, says Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

12:40 pm: Whenever I speak with my mother, which is once or twice a week, she always asks one thing – whether I am consuming haldi (turmeric) or not, says PM Modi

12:37 pm: We should not lose health, but weight. We should eat home-made food and avoid packaged food. This is the secret to good health, says Rujuta Diwekar

12:35 pm: PM Modi speaks to Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

12:34 pm: When you work with determination without any greed, no problems arise. If you do something with reluctance, you will not enjoy it. But if you are willingly doing something, not only do you enjoy it, but it also brings energy, says PM Modi

12:32 pm: Milind Soman also PM Modi’s inititive for the Fit India Movement and age specific fitness modules

12:30 pm: My mother inspires me while I inspire her too. You need to study yourself and make your own exercise routine. I don’t go to the gym, I work with whatever I have available. It is very important to remain healthy and fit, says Milind Soman

12:29 pm: While speaking to Milind Soman, PM Modi said that he has been a vocal supporter of Make in India initiative, adding that “there is no age bar for fitness”

12:25 pm: PM Modi interacts with Milind Soman  

12:23 pm: Several celebrities — including Virat Kohli, Milind Soman and Rujuta Diwekar — will take part in the event

12:17 pm: PM Modi launches ‘Fit India Age Appropriate Fitness Protocols’ during an online Fit India Dialogue, to celebrate the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma

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