Fight breaks out during Kabaddi match in Faisalabad


  Published On 26 September,2020 09:26 pm

Fight breaks out during Kabaddi match in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD (Dunya News) – A fight broke out during a Kabaddi match in Faisalabad between both teams and spectators, both parties used sticks against each other.

According to details a Kabaddi match in Sultan Town area of Faisalabad became a battlefield. Athletes and spectators freely used sticks on each other.

A dispute arose over the unequal number of players. Players and coaches were injured during the fight. Dunya News also obtained footage of the fight. The footage also shows players and spectators throwing sticks at each other.

Despite being informed about the matter, the police arrived at the spot with a delay of several hours. As a result, the people who were fighting managed to escape from the spot.


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