Fan Imagines Hades Gods As Pokemon Gym Leaders in New Artwork


A dedicated Hades enthusiast creates crossover fan artwork with the Greeks gods and goddesses from Hades as Pokemon gym leaders.

Developer Supergiant Games’ Hades released last year on Switch and PC after being in early access for almost two years. The indie roguelike received many awards in 2020 thanks to the way that the title innovates on the genre by adding a compelling story that keeps going even when the player dies. Another big aspect of Hades is the characters, which are inspired by Greek Mythology.

The main character Zagreus uses abilities called Boons to escape from the underworld to fight against his father Hades at the top of a mountain. Each of these Boons comes from a slew of Greek gods and goddesses, and each one is well-designed with their own personalities and complex emotions. Many players have fallen in love with characters such as Dionysus, Aphrodite, and Artemis.

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A dedicated Hades enthusiast has even gone out of their way to create crossover fan art of Hades characters as Pokemon gym leaders and the end result is quite impressive. Erio on Twitter has been posting the creations over these last couple of days with the first set of pictures depicting Athena and Ares as a Steel-type and Fighting-type gym leader, respectively. Potential winners could get rewarded with Athena’s Divine Badge or Ares’ Rift Badge.


The second crossover image shows off Artemis with a gorgeous Flygon and a Sceptile, with her repping a Dragon-themed gym. Since Dionysus’ boon uses the hangover effect in Hades, his badge being the Trippy Badge is appropriate.

Of course, Poseidon takes the role of the Water-type gym leader in the group and the goddess of love herself, Aphrodite, is the Fairy-type gym leader with a Passion badge up for grabs.

Zeus looks stunning in his outfit sporting a Zapdos and a Raikou in his party. Demeter is looking appropriately chilly with her Ninetails and Abomasnow by her side.

There are many other characters in Hades to turn into gym leaders and Erio says they plan on continuing the series. They even have elite four members and a champion in mind, which is something to be excited for.

In other Hades-related news, one dedicated fan of the indie title somehow managed to complete the game by using just a dance pad. Finishing the game normally takes a couple of runs for most players, so fully completing it and defeating Hades in this manner is no easy feat.

And another Hades fan created their very own arcade cabinet that’s themed after the roguelike indie game.

Hades is currently available on PC and Switch.

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