ETSU Bucs struggling to fill non- conference basketball schedule


Johnson City, TN — After finding out the season would start a little later in November, the Etsu buccaneer basketball team is now having problems finding teams willing to play.

This morning during his weekly press conference head coach Jason shay acknowledges the theory of creating a bubble that would allow games on campus are now off the table and the Bucs are no longer planning on playing in the Cancun tournament in Florida.

While they have 13 conference games intact the Bucs much reach a total of 27 and right now they are at least 9 short that needs to be played by the end of November and December.

Scheduling is an everyday thing just like recruiting and we are trying to schedule and get it over as quickly as possible and it’s always been a challenge at ETSU I need games when I got the job and here we are on October 1 and now trying to redo a whole new schedule getting 9 games in December or end of November it’s frustrating, says head coach Jason Shay.”

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