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Ajay Joshi

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, March 3

Paramjit Singh Bolina (65) and Jaspal Singh Bolina (63), both natives of Bolina village here, have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the villagers do not suffer in the trying times. Famously known as Bolina brothers, both are settled in the US. Even after 40 years of being split from the village, their heart never really left the place.

Paramjit Singh Bolina

While they are at present residing in California, nobody returns empty-handed from their house in Bolina, situated 5 kilometre away from Rama Mandi. Similar to the Hindi film, ‘Swades’ which was released in 2004, centered on an NRI taking steps to develop his village, Bolina brothers has left no stone unturned in developing their village. From helping students in academics to keeping the essence of rural games intact, it’s being over a decade, since they have been lending their helping hands to the villagers.

Prof Palwinder Singh Bolina, their nephew says, both his uncles visit the village once in a year.

“Among their noble gestures include setting up of classes in government schools, funding education of needy students, donating to religious institutions, building homes for the homeless and distributing cash prizes in the annual kabaddi tournament. The prizes help in keeping the traditional circle kabaddi format alive,: added Palwinder.

Giving something back to place where they lived their childhood, Paramjit also had the desire to modernise his village so that the villagers won’t have to move to the other places for their needs. As their father was the sarpanch of the village, they followed in his footsteps to develop their village.

Palwinder further said that during the lockdown, they provided financial help to underprivileged people. Moreover, during the farmers’ stir the philanthropists came forward to make donations for the protest. For organising langar and other events they sent financial help to the village committees.

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