Dartford yoga instructor thought call from Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace was a prank


A Dartford yoga instructor thought she was being pranked when Masterchef’s Greg Wallace called to book a session. 

After peaking at 16 and a half stone, the former greengrocer, 55, decided to get in shape for his 34-year-old wife Anne-Marie Sterpini so she wouldn’t have a “fat, old husband”.

The sprawling grounds of the expansive million-pound family home in Ashford provided the perfect backdrop for his first yoga session with Greenhithe instructor Tammy Foster.

Tammy said: “He has a distinctive voice and I thought it was my husband’s friend winding me up so I said ‘oh yeah what do you want Gregg’?”

When it turned out to be the man himself, Tammy was thrilled by the prospect.

Gregg said: “She came to my house and we did our first yoga lesson and I absolutely loved it.

“When I experienced it I thought this was fantastic, I felt so chilled out so I now do it twice a day.”

Together they shot a video for his newly launched wellness website and the reaction from subscribers was fantastic, he says, generating an “instant clamour” for more.

He has since posed for multiple pictures showcasing his freshly-chiselled body for social media followers.

The TV presenter said: “As I get older and since I have a young son, and a wonderful wife, I want to be as fit and healthy for as long as I can be.

“I realised that a lot about losing weight is about showing people what to do – I didn’t know how to exercise four years ago, I didn’t know how to eat healthily no one showed me or told me about nutritional facts.

“Now, both these things are part of my daily lifestyle and I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I could ever have imagined so I want to help other people achieve the same.”

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