Cricket…Right Here !! Right Now!!: The Amazing Book Cricket Game


Price: ₹ 298.00
(as of Oct 29,2020 08:36:46 UTC – Details)

SIMPLY FLIP OPEN THE PAGES AND START PLAYING !!# Easy to play# Packed with fun filled cricket images# Play anytime anywhere# You can practice drawing cricket stick figure from the images# Section to collect Autographs of your favourite stars# Provides a good break for kids from damaging screen time# Strengthen simple addition skills as you play along# NO BATTERIES NEEDED !! ALWAYS 100% CHARGED !!ABOUT THE GAME. This is a two player game (but nothing stops you from being creative and have more players join in !!). The Game is pretty straight forward, and probably by now, you would have already figured it out. If not read on (detailed instructions in the book): 1) Decide on the number of batsmen in your team (between 1 and 10) and overs to be bowled. Begin with a toss to decide who bats first or second. 2) The objective of the game is to score as many runs as you can in the number of overs decided. The team with the maximum runs wins. 3) To bat, simply open any page of the book to score runs or be out!. Everytime a page is opened, it is counted as a ball bowled. The sum of the scores of all the batsmen is the team score and now the target is set for the second team. SO GET STARTED & PLAY CRICKET, RIGHT HERE !! RIGHT NOW !! Oh yes, there is also an autograph section in the end where you can collect the signatures of your favourite cricket stars; or if you can request them to sign on any of the action pages, you could assign any additional and a special rule should that page open during the game.


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