Cricket, kho-kho, badminton get green light to resume practice; no events allowed


Pune: Pune’s municipal commissioner Vikram Kumar, on Tuesday, allowed all practice of more indoor and outdoor sports to resume in the city.

Citing caveats on the order, Kumar clarified that no children below the age of 10, or senior citizens above the age of 65, will be allowed to participate. Also, the ability of the sport to ensure a minimum level of social distancing will be the rule of law in terms of it being permissible.

Kumar said, “Outdoor games like cricket and kho-kho, and indoor games like badminton and tennis will be allowed, where social distancing can be maintained. This permission is only for practice and organisations cannot hold any sports events.”

Swimming pools and gymnasiums will continue to remain closed.

The PMC order states that only players deemed necessary should be allowed to play, to ensure there is no rush at any given time.

Sports complex authorities are to conduct thermal scanning of players and employees, and keep a record of players for the purpose of contact tracing, if needed.

Kumar said, “While practising indoors, windows and doors should kept open to avoid the use of air conditioning. The equipment used should be sanitised repeatedly.”

If players have any symptoms like a cough or are running temperature, they should not be allowed to participate.

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