Claressa Shields is applying advice from Conor McGregor for her MMA debut


Claressa Shields is still on course to make her MMA debut in 2021 and she’s putting to use advice from Conor McGregor.

Shields signed with PFL this past November and in a recent interview with Betway Insider, boxing’s reigning WBC and WBO female light middleweight champion said she has taken on board a comment from McGregor on one of her social media posts.

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Shields has already won every belt at middleweight and is now attempting to do the same in the division below

“Teach her balancing on the single leg first! Warm up / warm down for EVERY session – Pick the single leg and move her around,” McGregor wrote on Instagram last December.

“Elevate the leg high. Push her back with it. Lower it forward etc etc. Get her real cozy hopping on that single leg! Improve her hamstring flexibility as well as balancing ability. Crucial going forward! Have her play with her punching while balancing on the single also. Finding the target of the temple of the person moving her leg around! Think coziness!

“Good luck Clarissa! Excited to see you progress!”

McGregor is not only the biggest box office attraction in the history of the sport but a decorated competitor, too.
He was the first dual-weight champion in UFC history and Shields says she is implementing his advice.

McGregor bestowed some advice on Shields

McGregor bestowed some advice on Shields

“I just feel when Conor reached out, I feel like in a way he actually cared and he was wishing me good luck, and that’s what I appreciated most,” Shields said. “He didn’t have to give me any advice. He could have just seen it and kept on, but instead he was like, ‘I’m going to give out this advice,’ and it was great. I took it, I use it, and hopefully everything goes as it’s supposed to go.”

The 25 year old American has boxing match against fellow champion Marie-Eve Dicaire on March 5.

That means she won’t be involved with the PFL when they start back up in April, but the plan is to fight later this year and keep and eye on the competition.

Claressa Shields is looking to make a successful transition to MMA

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Claressa Shields is looking to make a successful transition to MMA

“I can’t wait to get back in the MMA gym,” Shields said. “The PFL have announced their lightweight division for the PFL league, and even though I’m trying so hard to not think about MMA, I had to look up every last one of them girls’ names. I had to. It just didn’t sit right with me not to.

“I had to look these girls up, I had to know who is in the tournament, what their record, what their background is, and I did a whole little background check on the list.”

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